- We create innovative products quickly and effectively

We are a company with many years of experience, with a young and innovative driving force that focuses on the trends of the cosmetic market.

We offer our customers complete assistance by establishing a collaboration relationship to achieve the perfect product: our research and development team, composed of expert researchers and specialists in cosmetology, will support you in every phase of project development.

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    Third-Party Cosmetics (contract cosmetics)

    Our contract cosmetics artfully respond to the production needs of cosmetic companies, eager to grace the market with both timeless traditions and cutting-edge innovations. Their aim is to elegantly position their brand, capturing the hearts of a discerning and exclusive clientele.

    Before embarking on the creation of these exquisite contract cosmetics, we immerse ourselves in a harmonious understanding of our client’s deepest desires and objectives. This sacred union allows us to craft contract cosmetics that resonate effortlessly with our client’s expectations, creating an ethereal symphony of beauty and purpose.

    With utmost reverence, we unveil these captivating contract cosmetics to the world, graced with our client’s cherished brand name. Each creation becomes a tapestry, intricately woven to perfectly interpret the philosophy, vision, and mission of the esteemed company that entrusts Cosmoderma with their dreams.

    Our sanctuary of Tradition and Innovation

    Cosmoderma’s contract cosmetics laboratories breathe life into inspired methodologies, bespoke to your every need. Like an artist’s brush, we delicately paint advice, bringing it as close to your soul as possible, leaving no space for anything less than pure enchantment.

    From the grand design of strategic product conception to the glorious realization, harmonizing every stroke with support creation and regulations, our cosmetics company unveils a comprehensive and poetic service, finely attuned to the real needs of your exquisite brand.

    Don’t settle for just a supplier

    With Cosmoderma, you’re bringing on board an experienced and reliable partner who will support you through every phase of creating the product you want to launch on the market.

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      Made in Italy cosmetics

      Customers who entrust the production of their own-brand cosmetics to us find in Cosmoderma the highest quality that distinguishes Made in Italy cosmetics.

      Our passion for cosmetics leads us to invest heavily in research and development in order to offer our customers customised cosmetic products, distinguished by the values of innovation, creativity and quality that are typical of Made in Italy cosmetics.



      We identify new opportunities

      We are tireless innovators who constantly analyse our sector, identifying interesting trends and niches. We carry out specific market analysis based on your target audience to support you in identifying the best business strategy and product.



      We formulate new exclusive products

      Cosmoderma's laboratories are staffed by a team of cosmetologists and researchers dedicated to developing your cosmetic formulas from scratch: there are no copies to be found on the market, just a formula created specifically for you based on our analysis and using the best ingredients.



      We plan the production cycle

      Once we have studied the market and identified the ideal product or product line for your company, we dedicate ourselves to drawing up a plan dedicated to you. This defines each phase of the production cycle.



      We supply the product ready for the market

      You can rely on us for this potentially tricky phase, and you won't even have to deal with legal matters and the certifications needed to launch the product on the market: we take care of it all!

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        Your 360 ° partner

        Ethics and sustainability for the production of organic cosmetics

        Our sensitivity to sustainability has forged our ethical values and prompted us to invest heavily in the production of organic cosmetics, leading us to qualify as a producer of organic cosmetics certified by the most accredited certification bodies for organic cosmetics, such as ICEA and NATRUE.

        Our customers can thus find in us a competent and reliable organic cosmetics supplier, capable of developing products that reflect the highest prerogatives of organic and organic cosmetics.

        Our company network has production sites that boast the following certifications: ISO 22716:2007, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ICEA/Cosmos, NaTrue, so we can produce certified organic and natural cosmetics.

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