How many times, during a trip by car, did you ever get lost or difficult to reach your destinationFortunately, GPS navigators has solved the problems of orientation allowing us to plan trips without unnecessary waste of time.
How could be if there were an anti wrinkle GPS even for the skin? We could apply a cream with the certainty that the precious ingredients contained go to work just where we need it most.

What is the goal to reach?

Our skin is made up of an overlapping of continuously evolving layers.
Starting from the most superficial layer, the Epidermis, which acts as a barrier against external agents and renews itself continuously, passes to the Dermis, made up of Collagen fibers, Elastin, blood vessels and nerve endings, and then ends up in the Epidermis, the deepest layer that serves as an energy reserve.

Moving within this complex structure should not to be simple, so the help of an anti wrinkle GPS could be fundamental.
The destination is found in the Dermis, where the synthesis of the two main proteins involved in the skin ageing phenomenon occurs: Collagen and Elastin.
Both are synthesized within the fibroblasts and with the passing of the years their production decreases.
This leads to the appearance of so-called expression lines and loss of skin elasticity.
It is precisely here that we want to arrive, straight inside the fibroblast.

How to interpret the GPS on the skin?

Fibroblasts present on the cell surface some receptors (FGF) that allow to be selectively identified by respective binders.
An active cosmetic ingredient with these binders would be able to reach its target much more easily, resulting in a greater likelihood of success in explicating its action.

Are there existing really active ingredients with these characteristics?

Yes, ICS Intelligent Care System exists. These are micro-ingredients with autonomous bio-intelligence.
Structurally they are presented as double-layer capsules containing an active peptide within them (for ICS Antiaging is Copper Palmitoyl Heptapeptide-14) and a surface-binding peptide (for ICS Antiaging it is Heptapeptide-15 Palmitate).
latter has excellent affinity with the fibroblast FGF receptor and “guidesthe capsule directly to its target. The ICS system is able to cross the cell membrane of the fibroblast releasing the active peptide directly into the cytoplasm. Here the peptide stimulates the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin.

What results can be expected with the use of ICS?

In Vivo tests show an anti wrinkles effect on the eye area treated twice a day for 28 days with cosmetics containing ICS. In Vitro tests also show a significant increase in Collagen and Elastin at the dermal level.

From the tests carried out it has been shown that 92% of the bio-intelligent ingredients present in the cosmetics, reach the target compared to only 9% of the traditional ones (lost during the trip).

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