We are used to protect ourselves from sunlight in particular during the summer months when ourskin is more exposed. In truth every day we are faced with sources of light that can cause damages to our skin, it is for this reason that, in the cosmetic market, there are more and more products for everyday use containing sunscreens, which we find not only in skincare but also in makeup and haircare.

Lately, changes in our lifestyle and work are shifting attention to artificially generated light, the so-called blue light.

What is Blue Light?

The blue light, within the visible light spectrum, is adjacent to the ultraviolet and has a wavelengthbetween 400 – 500 nm. It is visible from the human eye and is responsible for the blue color of the sky.

In addition to sunlight, blue light is also emitted from electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and TV screens, so it is impossible to avoid it even when we are at home on a gloomy day.

What causes exposure to blue light?

It has been shown that exposure to blue light has a negative effect on our health, particularlyaffecting our eyes and skin.

Blue light is able to damage every layer of the skin: it induces oxidative stress with the formationof reactive species of Oxygen and Nitrogen, leading to a weakening of the skin barrier, hyperpigmentation and damage to the extracellular matrix. All this leads to accelerated skin agingAt a deeper level of skin it has been seen that oxidative stress caused by blue light causesdenaturing of proteins which lose their functionality.

How can we protect ourselves in the blue?

First of all, we must continue to protect ourselves from UV and IR rays, by integrating thisprotection with filters able to extend their range of action in the wavelength range of blue. In addition, within our anti-blue light cosmetics, we will find active substances able to counteractoxidative stress and to stimulate the natural defenses of the skin.

COSMODERMA recommends cosmetics containing

Extract of the flowers of Verbasco, is an active principle based on the phenomenon of luminescence, is able to absorb high-energy radiation and transform it into lower energyemissions generating a new source of light on the skin.

Stella Alpina plant primitive cells, able to counteract the oxidative stress caused by blue light and regenerate the skin tension by restoring mitochondrial dynamism, protecting the integrity of the extra cellular matrix and carrying out an anti-age action.

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