Contract manufacturing of Detergent

Hygiene is essential to maintain the health of the skin over time.

During detergent production, it is essential to have predetermined the organoleptic and qualitative characteristics of the product at the research stage.

While all other detergent manufacturers pay particular attention to the sensory aspect of a detergent (viscosity, fragrance, colour, foaming power), we at Cosmoderma, in our contract detergent production, focus on both quality parameters and product delicacy. Our products are designed to guarantee a cleansing effect, respecting the skin’s balance so as not to alter the hydrolipidic film, and formulated with natural ingredients and ultra-delicate surfactants: shower baths, make-up removers, gentle cleansers for sensitive skin and purifying cleansers for oily skin, intimate cleansers, nourishing cleansers and liquid soaps.

In our cosmetic laboratories we have developed various cleansing products that meet various requirements such as organic certification, ultra mild products for treating acne-prone skin, sensitive skin or reactive skin, which purify and cleanse the skin in depth, working on the skin with complete respect for its specificities.

In recent years, the concept of ‘clean beauty’ and ‘waterless’ products has developed, which is why we have also formulated powder cleansers that perform their cleansing action by simply adding water.

Produzione detergenti conto terzi

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