Contract manufacturing of face and body masks

The production of face and body masks on behalf of contract manufacturers has seen an ever-increasing growth according to the main trends in the cosmetics market, as well as in Korean cosmetics.

Cosmetic masks are popular products among consumers because they provide an immersive experience and significantly increase the level of completeness of consumers’ beauty routines.

The types of masks on the market differ in terms of creativity, colour, consistency and effectiveness.

Cosmoderma, an established cosmetics company in the sector, can boast a team of expert cosmetologists specialising in contract manufacturing of face masks and body mask production, who develop customised designs according to customer requirements.

The most popular types of masks on the market include:

  • masks in fabric, to be soaked with serums targeted to the skin imperfection to be counteracted;
  • gel masks, with a fresh and light texture;
  • peel-off masks, which once applied create a thin layer on the skin that can be easily removed with a single gesture;
  • clay masks, also known as rinse-off masks, with a special absorbing, purifying and remineralising action;
  • cellulose patch masks, to be soaked with different types of serums depending on the required functionality, or hydrogel patches in which the active ingredients are incorporated in a fresh film-forming gel and then released onto the skin;
  • booster masks, such as the bouncy mask, which features an innovative texture;
  • gold mask: a little luxury for an instantly brighter and more radiant face;
  • emulsion: with a velvety and softening texture, emulsion masks can be customised with specific active ingredients for every skin need.

The masks, like the other cosmetic products, can be customised according to the customer’s preferred fragrances and enriched with active ingredients according to the preferred functionality.

Differentiation by colour variety and type of use also positions the masks among the ideal cosmetics for branding activities on social media and for increasing the engagement of influencers and consumers.

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Eye patches and lip masks for a complete beauty routine

Eye patches and lip masks are indispensable cosmetic products for the facial care and beauty routine.

Eye patches, excellent as a pre make-up treatment or as a fresh daily pampering after a day at work, offer an immediate solution to swelling of the eye area caused by tiredness and stress.
Lip masks, perfect for counteracting climate changes and external aggressions that cause lips to dry out and crack, provide nourishment and hydration.

At Cosmoderma, we offer a wide range of eye patches and lip masks that can be customised to suit your needs:

  • Hydrogel eye patches;
  • Hydrogel contour eye patches;
  • Hydrogel lip mask;
  • Cellulose eye patches;
  • Cellulose contour eye patches;
  • Cellulose lip mask.
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