Contract production of beauty creams

Contract production of beauty creams and serums

The production of face and body creams on behalf of third parties represents the flagship of our cosmetic laboratory which for over forty years have qualified Cosmoderma as one of the most experienced producers of creams and serums.

In order to achieve the highest cosmetic quality and refinement, our laboratories develop formulations that are able to surprise us first, so that we can offer our customers truly innovative and highly safe products.

Our cosmetologists take care of every cream and serum development project with the utmost passion, always with a view to optimising production methods to ensure the best production efficiency.

The target of the beauty cream production department is to achieve the highest quality and innovativeness of the cosmetic product, to completely satisfy the customer’s demands.

A specific team within the Research and Development department specializes in the production of cosmetic serums to achieve the density and texture required by the customer, as well as to adapt the fluid to the packaging requirements chosen during the project development phase.

Personalised body creams and face creams for complete body care

The skin of the face and body have different problems and needs, and therefore require cosmetic products specially formulated for the body area to which they are to be applied and according to the imperfection you wish to improve. Cosmoderma’s cosmetologists develop lines of customised face creams and customised body creams.

The cosmetic formulations can be characterised according to the customer’s specific requirements for achieving the desired effect through the selected active ingredients: the cosmetic product is structured to offer a complete and personalised sensory experience, from texture to fragrance as well as colour to product radiance.

We are very attentive to the needs of consumers, and we know that body care is one of the major interests of those who wish to maintain their health and beauty.

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Produzione creme corpo conto terzi
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Contract skin care: the best products for the care of all skin types

A company strongly attached to its territory, Cosmoderma has continually paid great attention to protecting the environment and, as a natural consequence, the skin. Thanks to the continuous search for innovative solutions, we can produce entire lines of innovative face and body products such as cosmetic creams with prebiotics and probiotics on behalf of third parties.

Specifically, we make cosmetics for:

  • Mature skin and wrinkles
  • Sensitive skin
  • Oily and impure skin
  • Dry skin
  • Eye contour
  • Dark spots and skin blemishes

For a complete beauty routine, we also make face masks for third parties, with different textures and fragrances. Find out more.

Entrust us with the private label of your creams!

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Rely on us for the “ready-made” of your cream

In the private label creams sector, Cosmoderma’s main objective is full customer satisfaction, providing a rapid service capable of solving the various problems that the production of body creams, serums or face creams may entail.

Relying on Cosmoderma means responding with the utmost professionalism to the trust placed in our company: placing the customer’s brand name on the cosmetic products we develop and produce is an expression of trust, to which we respond with the utmost seriousness, experience and competence to satisfy the beauty needs that consumers place in our customers’ brands.

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