Cosmetic Labels

The label is the cosmetic product’s “business card” and must clearly and transparently provide information to an increasingly attentive and knowledgeable consumer. In addition, cosmetic products require special information on the label in order to be placed on the market. The requirements for cosmetic labelling must therefore be thoroughly studied before designing the label design.

Cosmoderma professionally designs and produces labels for cosmetics, either by creating a graphic design from scratch or by developing an existing graphic idea and adapting it to the sensibilities of the cosmetics market.

Finally, we ensure that private label cosmetics labels follow European cosmetics labelling standards, checking that all necessary elements have been included before printing.

From production to printing

Our experience in cosmetic label production allows Cosmoderma to print a label by selecting the shape, size and material that best suits the product packaging.

For customers who rely on our cosmetic label printing service, we can find the most suitable material for their needs and the best quality/price ratio for every print quantity.

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