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Cosmoderma supports clients in sourcing, selecting and supplying cosmetic packaging.

During the development of cosmetic products for third parties, different cosmetic packaging is selected: based on the customer’s requirements, the choice falls on the production of the ideal cosmetic packaging for the optimal use of the cosmetic product it will contain.

Cosmoderma offers a wide choice of packaging solutions, from the simplest glass, plastic and aluminium bottles to airless and foamer bottles that preserve the product from contamination, all of which can be customised according to requirements. These solutions can be combined with services such as labelling, screen printing, lithography and special applications.

Formula and customised packaging for cosmetics are then tested in their entirety during the compatibility study, which aims to ascertain the safety of the finished product.

Our commitment is to find solutions that make the product stand out and preserve its quality, advising on the image care of customised branded products.

Packaging cosmetici

Manufacturers of innovative cosmetic packaging

Cosmoderma’s vast experience over the years has led us to select and collaborate with the best cosmetics packaging suppliers on the market.

Cosmetics packaging plays a fundamental role as it has the ability to attract and captivate the customer. For this reason, we carefully investigate the production of cosmetics packaging, choosing from numerous container types, formats and materials.

Cosmetic packaging companies continually propose innovative and functional solutions that capture the attention of the most demanding customer.

At Cosmoderma we also offer the possibility of using material supplied directly by the customer on a contract basis.

Cosmetic packaging: how to choose the type and the supplier

Which packaging supplier to rely on? The choice of packaging supplier depends on several factors, including the type of cosmetic to be produced, compatibility with the specific formulation, type of material, graphic design, quantity and target cost, and delivery time.

At Cosmoderma, we guide you in choosing the most suitable packaging and supplier for your cosmetic product.

Sustainable and biodegradable packaging: the sustainable future
Sustainable and biodegradable packaging: the sustainable future
Packaging is an integrated system designed to contain, protect and sell the cosmetic product, in which science and art coexist: in fact, if its main purpose is to protect and maintain the safety and efficacy of the product, aesthetics make it attractive and guide the consumer’s purchasing choices.

The latest trend is packaging with a low environmental impact based on the principles of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), a method that analyses all the environmental impacts of a product’s entire life cycle, from the starting material to disposal.
The innovation of eco-friendly packaging represents a major challenge: using recyclable or compostable materials without compromising the product and with the advantage of protecting the environment without waste. CARDBOARD PACKAGING

Types of Packaging
Types of Packaging
Packaging can be classified into primary, secondary and tertiary.
Primary packaging is the smallest distribution unit and is the main container that comes into contact with the cosmetic product; its material greatly influences product preservation and must be carefully selected so as not to interfere with the cosmetic formulation. Secondary packaging (cartons), on the other hand, is never in close contact with the cosmetic, and has an informative and promotional role. Tertiary packaging (paper boxes) is specifically for transporting products and is intended to avoid physical risks and contamination.
Packaging Evergreens
Packaging Evergreens
What material should you choose for your packaging? The alternatives are varied: plastic, glass, aluminium, fibrous material and multilayer materials.
The most commonly used material is undoubtedly plastic, which is durable, versatile and easy to handle, convenient and light. Glass packaging, made of silica and different metal oxides, has the advantage of not interacting with the product, although it is more fragile and heavier.
Metals are stronger than plastic and lighter than glass but less economical. Cardboard packaging, on the other hand, is used more as secondary and tertiary packaging.

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