Cleansing creams and powders for personal grooming

We can develop all kinds of personal grooming products in our laboratories. Cleansers are essential cosmetic products that purify and deep-clean, working in a way that fully respects the quirks of the user’s skin.

For third parties, we produce liquid and powder cleansers for the body and face formulated with natural ingredients and ultra-gentle surfactants: shower/bath products, make-up removers, mild cleansers for sensitive skin and purifying cleansers for oily skin, intimate cleansers, nourishing cleansers and liquid soaps.

All of our products are made in accordance with the principles of innovation and respect for nature. We can develop customised cleansers for you based on your brand’s needs: from formulation to packaging, we will dedicate ourselves to your line as if it were our own.

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Cosmoderma is an ethical partner that can help you produce the best body care products with an eco-friendly approach.

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