Cosmetic Products Registration

Placing a cosmetic product on the market requires a cosmetic registration process endorsed by current industry legislation.

Our regulatory department offers all the support and expertise needed for the registration of cosmetic products, dealing in particular with the PIF drafting and the product notification on the European CPNP portal.

Cosmetic PIF

The cosmetic PIF (Product Information File) is the mandatory document sanctioned by Reg. (EC) 1223/2009 with which the responsible person guarantees that a cosmetic product has been subjected to safety assessment before being placed on the market and that a report on the safety of the cosmetic product has been drawn up.

The cosmetic PIF contains all the information relating to composition of the product, characteristics of raw materials and evaluation of product safety based on analysis of ingredients toxicity, performed tests and how to use the product itself.

Cosmoderma makes use of valuable safety evaluators who meet necessary requirements to be able to draw up the cosmetic PIF, as qualification and training course.

The collaboration established with safety assessors allows Cosmoderma to have solid support in all phases of cosmetic product design and its placing on the market.

CPNP Registration

When we talk about CPNP registration we mean the cosmetic product notification on the European CPNP portal (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) in which all the products placed on the European market are notified by the Responsible Person or the cosmetic Distributor.

Notified data are name of the product, responsible person, type of cosmetic product, information on its composition and graphic materials, then product label and possibly the box, accompanied by a photo in its entirety.

Cosmoderma offers the CPNP registration service through the the regulatory department support.

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