Cosmetics Consultancy

Being a contract cosmetics manufacturer allows us at Cosmoderma to deal with a wide range of cosmetics companies, which have different target customers, different markets in which they operate and a vast range of cosmetic products. This allows us to gather the experiences of numerous market players, analyse and transform them into know-how that we can offer our clients in the form of cosmetic consultancy.

In fact, our clients can find in Cosmoderma a cosmetics consultant with whom they can discuss how best to refine their cosmetic project, not only from the R&D (research & development) point of view, as well as on the legal, regulatory and marketing front.

Cosmoderma’s cosmetics consultancy work is aimed at multiplying its clients’ opportunities for success and helping them achieve ever higher levels of competitiveness in their market.

Legal and regulatory consulting

Cosmoderma’s legal and regulatory consulting responds to our clients’ corporate compliance needs in order to develop projects that comply with European and international requirements and regulations for the cosmetics industry.

Our experience in technical-regulatory support allows us to offer cosmetic consultancy for:

– technical-regulatory assistance for the drafting of the Product Information File (PIF);

– drafting of contracts and confidentiality agreements;

– verification of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP and ISO 22716);

– cosmetovigilance activities;

– audits of our production chain;

– product label claim analysis and verification of labelling requirements;

– regulatory support for placing on the market in foreign markets;

– administrative support for customs clearance of shipments.

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