Cosmetics distribution: Logistics and Shipping

The contract cosmetics industry requires specific logistics solutions to ensure that the chemical and physical conditions of the products are maintained in order to guarantee the integrity and efficacy of the active substances they contain.

At every stage of cosmetics distribution, from the handling of finished products from the production site, to the distributor’s warehouses, to the point of sale or to the consumer’s home for online sales via e-commerce, factors such as temperature, environmental conditions and hygienic conditions need to be continuously monitored.

An appropriate logistics service for the cosmetics industry is able to adapt to the needs of different distribution channels, especially in the case of a cosmetics company distributing cosmetics.

Distribuzione cosmetici

Cosmetics distributor in Italy and abroad

More than forty years’ experience in logistics as a cosmetics distributor in Italy and for international cosmetic companies enables us at Cosmoderma to provide maximum logistical support to our customers.

It is important to ensure the right level of flexibility of raw material and finished product storage warehouses to adapt to the needs of the cosmetics distributor and sales channels, considering that many cosmetic products have sales peaks linked to seasonality of use.

Cosmoderma entrusts the shipment of finished products to logistics services that are competent in the transport of delicate materials, especially when the supply must reach international companies, where the handling of products requires long transport journeys passing through different types of carriers.

Our logistics services take care of the storage of raw materials, the management of semi-finished products (bulk), the handling of finished products, the shipment of pallets both in Italy and abroad, and all the necessary documentation.

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