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The collaboration between an emerging cosmetics brand and a company that produces cosmetics for third parties is a key element for the brand’s success in the market. Indeed, a company that is able to produce cosmetics customized to the needs of its customers is able to support the ideas and entrepreneurial challenges of a company that is entering the cosmetics market for the first time.

One of the limiting points for emerging companies is that of production batches, as in the initial stages a new brand does not always have the economic strength to support the production of large product batches.

Cosmoderma, a leading company on the Italian cosmetics market in contract manufacturing, is a strategic partner for new realities, as it is able to offer small batches of customised contract cosmetics with the care reserved for large productions. In this way, the production of small batches can be the springboard for the development of new entrepreneurial realities, and of lasting partnerships between the brand and the contract manufacturer. Thanks to our long experience in the field of cosmetics research, development and production, it is possible to offer (e.g. 25 pieces for one product, the minimum order), in a manner reminiscent of start-ups, small customized productions that allow companies to enter the market and develop larger-scale activities later.

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Our cosmetic lines for small quantities

Cosmoderma has already developed, tested and analyzed innovative formulations to be proposed to new businesses. These formulations, ready to be marketed, have been conceived and created with consumer sensitivity to the consumption of ingredients of natural origin in mind, the search for greater sustainability and specific functions in the treatment of skin imperfections.

The fact of having already tested formulas, with safety documentation ready, with stability and compatibility studies already carried out, is an enormous advantage in time-saving for the launch of a new cosmetic for an emerging brand, as the technical production time of a new cosmetic is slowed down by waiting for the conclusion of all studies and tests on the cosmetic itself, if not already available.

Among the customized cosmetic lines, Cosmoderma offers specific formulations for skin ageing or body blemishes based on biotechnological active ingredients combined with natural active ingredients of high purity and efficacy.

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On the other hand, our decades of experience make us able to meet all our customers’ needs. We are able to accommodate specific requests for innovative formulations, or indexed to specific actives and targets, to accompany our customers in the development of new formulations that meet their needs.

Cosmoderma’s in-depth knowledge of the industry and long experience in contract manufacturing enable us to deliver reliable timelines and production results that meet our customers’ needs.

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With this in mind, the company is able to respond to specific requests for customized lines with specific purposes, as in the case of contract manufacturing of organic cosmetics.

Cosmoderma offers not only the desired formulation development but also collaboration with Certification Bodies, thanks to the presence of a laboratory and a production department that meets the highest quality standards required by good manufacturing practice.

This makes it possible to obtain cosmetics that meet the needs of customers in the organic sector and an ever-growing market.

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