Crackling Mousse Production

The interplay of textures in cosmetics brings innovation and creativity to the product while maintaining the requirements of effectiveness.

A classic example is the cosmetic mousse that gives a velvety touch during application, but what happens when you combine a mousse with crunchy functionality?

Cosmoderma, a contract cosmetics manufacturer, has brought innovation to the world of cosmetic mousse with the production of croccante mousse. This is a foam (mousse) that begins to ‘crunch’ when dispensed, creating a crackling effect and a micro-massage on the skin with a cool, dry effect.

The special feature of this product, also known as acqua croccante, is the WOW effect at the moment it is dispensed, meeting consumer expectations in terms of both sensoriality and effectiveness.

Produzione Mousse Croccante - Cosmoderma

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