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Cosmetic industry trends in 2024

In 2024, the cosmetic industry is poised to experience a dynamic shift in consumer preferences and market dynamics, as evidenced by emerging cosmetic trends. As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability,...

cosmesi senza glutine

Gluten-free cosmetics

Gluten is a protein complex found in certain cereals (mainly wheat, rye and barley) that is characteristic of most baked goods and widely consumed daily in food. Coeliac disorder...

skin care minimalista

Skin care minimalism

Skin care represents the cosmetic routine that every person adopts for the care and well-being of their skin. As each individual is characterised by his or her skin type,...

Cosmesi senza parabeni

Paraben-free cosmetics

Cosmetics are mostly made up of water, with the exception of some anhydrous cosmetics such as oils, butters and make-up products. Creams, which are technically emulsions, consist mainly of...