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conservanti naturali per cosmetici

Preservatives for cosmetics

Preservatives in cosmetics have become a critical component for ensuring the safety and longevity of cosmetic products today. Unfortunately, due to misleading marketing tactics and the proliferation of misinformation...

Cosmetici senza conservanti

Preservatives-free cosmetics

Communication is the soul of marketing. This assumption has been known for decades, ever since the contribution and importance of advertising promotion of a consumer good was realised, occasionally...

Cruelty-free cosmetics

The Cosmetics Regulation 1223:2009 has definitively established in the European Union the ban on animal testing of cosmetics. But a cruelty-free cosmetic is more than just a product that...

Microplastiche nei cosmetici

Microplastics in cosmetics

All industrial sectors are constantly affected by general and industry-specific legislative changes, dictated by updated scientific knowledge, new expert opinions, as well as public interests at large. What are microplastics? The...

Packaging cosmetico biodegradabile

Biodegradable cosmetic packaging

What is biodegradable cosmetics packaging? The sustainability of a cosmetic manufacture must take into account all aspects of how a finished product is made available to the consumer. Indeed, one...

Cosmetici multiuso

Multifunctional cosmetics

The awareness of the complexity of the skincare system has led to the search for cosmetics that can fulfil multiple functions in a single product. Starting from the realisation...