Manufacturing Scrubs for third parties

Cell renewal is essential for regenerated, healthy and radiant skin.

Scrubs are the most commonly used products to encourage exfoliation and oxygenation of the surface layer of the skin.

Scrub production requires careful analysis of the type of skin you want to act on, balancing the various components so as not to act aggressively while respecting the hydrolipid film.

Your Scrub Line for face and body

For facial scrub production, more delicate ingredients are sought, reserving exfoliating activity to smaller granules such as jojoba, blueberry, almond and hazelnut vegetable granules, which perform a delicate action of removing impurities and renewing skin cells.

The body scrub production makes use of components that are always delicate, such as black Volcanic Sand, deriving from the flow of lava from the volcanic mountains of Iceland, which performs an exfoliating and energising action.

For face and body scrubs, our contract cosmetics production uses products that respect the environment and the physiology of the skin.

produzione scrub conto terzi

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