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Cosmoderma produces private label cosmetics, with the key advantage of being able to launch your own customised line with products that are market-ready and test-prepared.

For private label products we offer the full service option, which includes graphic design, documentation and product registration, enabling you to have your cosmetics ready for launch in a time-frame that offers innovation and versatility.

Cosmoderma’s private label cosmetics allow your distributors to provide high-quality, high-performance products, while remaining competitive with similar cosmetics from mainstream brands and sustaining profit margins.

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The advantages of private label cosmetics

The choice of the private label in the production of cosmetics offers the possibility for those who currently have their own brand or those who want to create a new brand to design a customised line with exclusive products ready for the market.

Why choose white label cosmetics?

  • Ready-to-go’ cosmetics – these products are tested and market-ready
  • Complete full-service lines – you can choose from a wide range of complementary products
  • Graphic packaging design included – our graphic designers assess the customer’s needs and provide the best solutions
  • Customized design
  • Legal and regulatory consultancy included – our technical specialists provide all the necessary support in compliance with national and international regulations
  • Price-margin – we provide the best solutions according to market positioning and available budget
  • Short launch time – by using ‘ready to go’ products, you can realise your line in a very short time frame of only 2 weeks
Private Label Cosmetici

Our private label cosmetics

We have created collection of cosmetic lines that have been tested and are ready to be customised with your own brand.

Our aim is to go beyond the current limits and offer more and more opportunities for the enhancement, maintenance and recovery of our skin’s beauty. We are convinced that the way to further achievements in cosmetics is through specialisation, i.e. through targeted products. With this conviction, we have developed our specific, high-performance lines, which combine the best of nature and dermocosmetic research.

  • Anti Age line with intelligent bio functional substances, developed to combat the signs of ageing extraordinarily effectively. The elixir of youth is in the innovative and sophisticated bio-intelligent technology capable of selecting the target cells and releasing the anti-ageing active inside these cells. Specially formulated for deep anti-wrinkle treatment, the revolutionary innovation is the use of functional substances known as bio-intelligents that act completely autonomously, localising like a GPS the target spot of the blemish and working on it with an intensive and deep action. The result is a precise, targeted and specific treatment, and above all it is customised to the type of skin blemish on which it is to operate, combating in particular the signs caused by the passage of time.
  • The body line has been developed for in-depth treatment against minor marks and skin blemishes. At the heart of the entire line are the bio-intelligent micro-ingredients, designed to independently localise imperfections and blemishes, finding the target point at which to act to counteract them. This line takes care of the body, combating the appearance of imperfections such as cellulite and lipids, restoring elasticity, tone, radiance and softness to the skin.
  • Lines with native plant cells, conceived and created to be in perfect harmony with nature, choosing only the purest functional substances, with allergen-free fragrances.

Our private label lines

Antiage Line

Antiage Line

This line offers a complete treatment, ideal for preventing and effectively combating the most obvious ‘traces’ of time passing: wrinkles and loosening of the skin.

Daily use strengthens and increases the integrity of the skin barrier and contributes to a more relaxed face, greater skin density and a more even and radiant complexion.

Moisturising Line

Moisturising Line

Developed and designed to perform a constant rehydrating action on the skin, this line helps to preserve one of the most important sources for the beauty and well-being of the skin: water, the primary and fundamental element of which the skin itself is composed for the most part.

This line is perfect for normal or predominantly dry skin that tends to dehydrate easily. Thanks to the presence of micro-ingredients, the absorption of functional substances is extraordinarily facilitated, ensuring an intense moisturising action prolonged over time. The skin acquires a soft, compact and elastic appearance.

Illuminating Line

Illuminating Line

This is a specific line for the treatment of skin spots and dyschromia whose main purpose is to provide a pleasant lightening and illuminating effect, giving the face the radiant and natural beauty of light.

In particular, the synergy of innovative and highly effective functional substances improves the appearance of blemishes and counteracts their formation, giving the face a naturally splendid clear and luminous appearance at any age.

Line for Sensitive Skins

Line for Sensitive Skins

A tribute to sensitivity and gentleness, a delicate cosmetic line designed especially for sensitive skin, which is particularly prone to reddening and irritation and to undergoing the negative effects of exposure to external agents.

The delicacy of the functional ingredients supports skin hydration, protects the skin and makes it stronger against external aggressions.

The cosmetic products in this line provide unique comfort to the skin with a refreshing, protective and revitalising action.

Rebalancing Line

Rebalancing Line

This line offers a re-balancing and skin-purifying treatment for impure skin with a tendency to excessive sebaceous secretion or acne-prone skin.

The use of the products, according to the protocol, makes it possible to moisturise the skin in a balanced manner, regulate and reduce excessive sebum production and assist cell natural renewal.

The result of treatment with the products of this functional cosmetic line is total purity for even the most stressed skin, which becomes soft and silky.

Eye Contour Line

Eye Contour Line

A line designed exclusively for the care of the eye contour, an area of the face that is as important as it is delicate and to which great attention must always be devoted.

The synergy of precious functional ingredients effectively combats the imperfections of bags and dark circles by improving skin microcirculation and evening out skin tone.

Endowed with antioxidant properties, it stimulates collagen production and improves the overall appearance of the eye contour area, giving the eyes a more intense and sensual glow.

Organic Line

Organic Line

This organic product line was researched and developed by exploiting the luminescent properties of Mullein flowers, which are able to illuminate the skin and give it a healthy, revitalised appearance.

They are the first organic ingredients based on the revolutionary concept of luminescence. They give the skin a new glow, making it look younger and healthier. The line consists of natural products including a range of creams and serums for a complete organic anti-wrinkle treatment, all made with 99.9 per cent natural ingredients.

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