Private Label

Our “ready-made” products

In the Cosmoderma Cosmetic Laboratories we create different “Ready-Made” cosmetic lines: these are formulas and products already tested on the market that you can buy to launch your own custom line.

Our catalog of Private Label cosmetic formulas is vast and of the highest quality: from ICS – Intelligent Care System line of cosmetics equipped with autonomous biological intelligence to the V-CELL line which includes our offer of cosmetic products enriched with native plant cells, passing through the Ricettario Verde Biological line and perfume and sun care lines.

Let’s plan together your new cosmetic line

Our team of experts will help you find the formula or product line that best meets your business (and your customers) needs.

Cosmetic Product Lines

ICS Line

Intelligent Care System

Packaging cosmetici

V-Cell Line

Native Vegetal Cell

Private Label Cosmetici

Ricettario Verde Line

BIO Native Light

Hyaluro Perfumes Line

Fragrances that really care

Bronze UV Solar Line

Protection Tech

New Body Line

Detox & Tonifing

Materiale packaging