R&D Laboratories

A cosmetologists team with innovation in the blood

Research and Development Laboratories are our company heart and we can count 5 of them within our network. It is precisely here that we dedicate ourselves to the study of raw materials for the creation of new cosmetic formulations, textures and fragrances; all thanks to an ever evolving know-how and our avant-garde tools equipment.

The new trends in-depth knowledge, the study of each component and innovative and active ingredients research, push our cosmetologists to find alternative solutions to improve both the formulation quality and the innovation level of the cosmetic products for third parties we manufacture.

We create innovative products designed for people

Our highly qualified R&D staff is constantly committed to customer satisfaction in terms of quality, safety and effectiveness.

In our laboratories we combine passion and research to perfect our products, create new ones and optimize production processes.

We carry out daily:

  • stability tests on the final sample
  • compatibility tests with the chosen packaging
  • studies of new textures
  • research for innovative active ingredients

Cosmoderma Cosmetic Laboratories are also distinguished by the most accurate fragrances selection perfectly compatible with the developing formula to best satisfy the customer’s preferences.

Furthermore, our corporate ethics leads us to strongly oppose any type of test that is carried out directly or indirectly on animals.

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Immediate, tested and certified solutions

Nowadays, to be successful, companies must find strong partners to face and overcome their most difficult business challenges. Thanks to the various collaborations, Cosmoderma laboratories speed up creation and development of your new projects.

To date, our market is strongly supported by e-commerce, where the image of the product is representative of its intrinsic quality; that’s why we help our customers in creating products that guarantee the “wow” effect.

We have a portfolio of more than 1000 formulas, scrupulously studied and therefore able to guarantee an immediate solution to be placed on the market.

We ourselves follow the processes to carry out all the dermatological evaluation of cosmetic products to obtain certifications such as:

Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin

Nichel tested

We also carry out tests for products intended for children.

Continuous training

Our multidisciplinary and specialized R&D team constantly updates its know-how by participating in refresher training, fairs, events to keep up with the new trends and new scientific discoveries in the cosmetic field.

As we keep looking for better quality, we set the bases of the work within the Cosmoderma laboratories; this is why our products are tested both internally and externally through accredited laboratories.

In collaboration with the Sacro Cuore University of Milan, we carry out training courses for students who wish to have a career in cosmetics; our intention is to foster a continuous exchange of ideas with fresh minds, that are not limited by the decision-making processes.

Private Label Cosmetici

To evaluate our formulation effectiveness and their compliance with current regulations, we rely on numerous tests carried out by Cosmetology Centers of Ferrara and Pavia Universities. We actively collaborate with a Bologna University spinoff for the study of new active ingredients .

We are sure that Cosmetic R&D requires know-how but also courage and passion: we have them to sell and want to put them at service of beauty culture, thus leading to innovative products designed for people.

Do you want to create a new product or a cosmetic line for your brand?

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