Wipes production

Due to their convenience and ease of use, wipes are still among the most popular products in the cosmetics market today.

Cosmoderma’s custom-made wipes production is aimed at several categories:

  1. production of sanitising wipes, soaked with serums containing alcohol with a sanitising action;
  2. make-up removal wipes production, soaked with liquids containing mild surfactants that allow make-up removal;
  3. production of disposable wipes, such as intimate wipes soaked in mild detergents with physiological pH, which respect the person’s intimate flora.

Cosmoderma, a manufacturer of cosmetics for third parties, differentiates itself in the production of wipes through the careful study of fluids, fragrances and the careful choice of type of fabric, so as to offer the product that best meets the customer’s needs and expectations.

Produzione salviette monouso, igienizzanti e struccanti per conto terzi

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